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ne is the Photography area of this web site. Here you’ll find  numerous examples of my work as a photographer. I woke up one day between family snap shots and my aspirations to paint a few 21st century master pieces. I had an epiphany. I realized through my many y
ears as an art director/creative director I had learned a great deal about the craft of picture taking. I began by taking pictures of imagery I wanted to take. A click, click here. A click, click there, here a click there a click and there they were a series of styles embodied in an assortment of photographs, I Ron Eller a painter had the audacity to step out of my creative cage and expand my creative repertoire. If all this interests you click on the photo graphic to begin.
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o is the Digital area of ron-eller.com. I have been a devotee of Apple Computer when we were introduced in the early 80’s. It was not a match made in heaven. My refusal to appear ignorant kept me at a slow crawl. when it came to asking the appropriate questions.
How do I master certain digital applications?. Prided the blessed corner stone of ignorance and human folly has touched us one and all. The agency I worked for were also handicapped. They were using the machines as glorified type setting utensils. They would run out the type on a laser printer in black and white at 200 percent. They would then reduce it at the required size and would paste up the ad according to layout. The idea of creating the whole ad in the computer remained a mystery for quite some time.

We’ve come a long way since those beginning days. The digital area for Ron-Eller.com will expand your experience as you come to realize that digital art is the future of fine art. We are well on our way to a creative Renaissance spurned by the technical revolution. Enjoy the display.



third significant area at Ron-Eller.com is Painting. Painting will always remain the creative spear head of any fine art movement especially as we progress to the unknown with faith that all will be well as long as we have a brush in hand and a canvas to explore. “Abstract
Expressionists value expression over perfection, vitality over finish, fluctuation over repose, the known over the unknown, the veiled over the clear, the individual over society and the inner over the outer.” –William C. Seitz, American Artist & Art Historian Painting is a visceral experience. It’s athletic in it’s own way. It’s the expression of the creative experience through a complex integration of body mind and soul. It can heal and it can tear apart. It’s the highest form of communication known to man.


This website is full of observations artistic and intellectual. There are  over four areas devoted to a series of evocative art, poetry and blogs. These are fascinating reads, rich in artistic presentation. If you are interested the Envisage Blog is my most recent
work. It is controversial, challenging traditional values which spring board into the avant garde. I don’t go out of my way to pick a fight. I wear my heart exposed to the elements. It is an aspect of my nature. All this becomes evident as you explore Ron-Eller.Com. Enjoy your visit.

“Dots & Slop an intellectual
experience upon the most
offensive disorder


For all you believers up to your necks in faith, I have created a poetic caricature for you, chock full of sarcasm satire and resentments. We are in an election year and in all honesty if you are Republican, righteous conservative, against choice for women’s rights, a Row verses
Wade opposer, an economic agitator proposing policies that will sink us into a decline of economic depression. You depress me. I don’t like you. I am thankful that I seldom have to deal with many like you. You are the evil doers straight from the sewers. Deeply imbedded into denial you don’t get it. I resent the space you take. Go jump in a muddy lake. Take your bone and waste away alone in the home you can’t afford to own.

“Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.”
—Gertrude Stein


To know her is to love her. Rose by fact or fiction is my life’s love by all that is written. Rose has been with me through a litany of near death experiences. Three heart attacks requiring the most miraculous procedure of Angioplasty, Two collapsed lungs requiring surgery and chest tubes, During this time I have been under the care of a Nurse and Rose,
tethered to oxygen tanks and a walker because I am diabetic and I can barely feel my feet. Months ago I developed a pulmonary embolism which all but killed me. I was on life support and by miraculous intent, my life was spared after three days. There is much more, but Rose and I don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s either death defying or it doesn’t deserve an honorable mention.

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