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The Jester by Ron Eller
The jester dances like a flame, lit by the trickle of fossil fuel decay and shame • Molten rain stings my rule • Godless fool • Franchised, mesmerized, ostracized, cannibalized, tranquilized • A stroke away from the fun • Ho hum where’s the smoking gun •

I’m the mastermind, I own all that I find • In gods eye the longest life is the same as the shortest • Pondering over life’s annotations how long must I live to be infinite •

Photography Ron Eller

The photos displayed here created by me are “Limited Edition” prints. No more than 10 prints per image will ever be printed and signed by me.  This is so these works retain their integrity as “Limited Edition” and as such will be valued as limited, rare and collectable.  Each work is printed on treated photo paper with the highest quality pigment inks and fixed with multiple coats of UV Fixative. These works are created to stand the test of time and if properly cared for will last life times.

If you wish to purchase a “Limited Edition” signed photo image email me at ron@reller.com
or call at (860) 267-6729. As about our lease to buy program.

Any unauthorized reproduction, public display, copying these images or portions of these images will constitute an infringement of Ron Eller’s© copyrights. Any and all images being displayed at this site created by Ron Eller© shall not be copied or reproduced by representatives, employees, clients, visitors, of said web site without specific signed written agreements by Ron Eller© or heirs of his Estate.

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