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SubFour by Ron Eller
“Time is a digital cliché.”

• “Two time. • Time warps. • Killing time. • A time for every season.
• Quantum time. • Time for change. • Buying time. • The time of our lives.
• The time has come today... • Times Roman.
• Times New Roman. • Times Ten.”

• “I’ve got to much time on my hands. • Time is what the clock tells us.
• The clock does not tells us what time is.
• Does anybody really know what time it is?
• Does anybody care...about time?”

• “Roger Bannister ran a mile in the time of 3:59.4.
• His was the first mile timed at sub four.
• The time was nineteen fifty four.
• Since that time there have been many more. • Time was of the essence. • Against time he endeavored. • A time consuming goal.
• A timely exposure.”

• “For the time being. • I wouldn’t give you the time of day.
• All in good time. • Time will tell. • Time can never recount.
• As time is forever recounted. • Time travel. • Time machine.
• Time as yet to be seen. • Against the test of time.
• Time only knows. • Do you have the time?”

Digital Ron Eller

Made on a Mac

The images displayed here are “One of a kind” digital prints. No more than one print per image will ever be printed and signed by me.  This is so these works retain their integrity as “One of a kind” and as such will be valued as limited, rare and collectable.  Each work is printed on treated canvas with the highest quality pigment inks and fixed with multiple coats of UV Fixative. These works are created to stand the test of time and if properly cared for will last life times.

If you wish to purchase a “One of a kind” signed digital image email me at ron@reller.com
or call at (860) 267-6729. Ask about our lease to buy program.

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